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Enjoy Your Time in the Wonderful Swiss Cottage, NW3

Swiss Cottage is located in the north west part of London, within the London Borough of Camden and barely 5 kilometers away from Charing Cross. The town’s name comes from The Swiss Tavern inn built there in 1804 where a tollgate keeper’s cottage had once been, and was later renamed as The Swiss Cottage inn. Historically just an ancient parish of Hampstead, its development began with the introduction of Avenue Road and Finchley New Road. The inn was the junction between the two and from there and the redevelopments of the road, the district’s growth began.

Finchley Road is the main street in the area and is where all the best shops, hotels, restaurants, and attractions are. Swiss Cottage is also considered a centre of culture in Camden and there are many venues to support that. You can visit the amazing Odeon Cinema for a great time at the movies, or the Embassy Theatre or the Hampstead Theatre for a play. If you want books, then go to Sir Basil Spence’s Swiss Cottage Central Library, a Grade II listed building. And if you want sports and leisure, then the Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre is the place to be.

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