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     One of my kids has really severe allergies and I found it a constant nightmare to try and keep the place clean. I decided to hire the cleaners from CarpetCleanersHampstead and they are excellent. They are really respectful of our needs, and make sure to only use chemicals that are safe for my family. Having such a clean home is really saving us a lot of heartache, so huge thanks to the team.
Gloria Manney19/05/2020
     Thank you for the job well done Hampstead Carpet Cleaner! I love coming home to a clean house! It's so nice to know that it's going to be done extremely well and worth it. The best money spent on a cleaning service.
     I used Hampstead Carpet Cleaners for my end of tenancy cleaning and am happy to say that because of their work, I got my deposit back.
R. Brown08/02/2019
     The cleaners were simply superb. They were efficient, courteous and professional. Thank you Hampstead Carpet Cleaning.
Joe S.09/10/2018
     It was evident that Hampstead Carpet Cleaner really cares about their clients. The cleaners did their work to a high standard and were always willing to help.
Sharon W.11/06/2018
     My wife and I both work full time, and our eldest son has recently left for uni, leaving us to take care of our two younger children and all the housework ourselves! As you can imagine, all this is no easy task, but our regular service from Hampstead Carpet Cleaning has been a massive help! Ever since we started hiring their house cleaning services, we've both had a lot more time to spend on the things that really matter to us. Their services are thorough and very high quality; they've even got rid of carpet stains we thought were permanent!
Steve P.21/12/2015
     I was a bit wary of how much I could be impressed by a house cleaning service. Had assumed that they'd just get my home pretty clean, charge me a fortune and then leave. But I hadn't reckoned on Hampstead Carpet Cleaners. I can really say that I don't remember a time when the house has been this clean. It's astonishing. Added to this, I'm really happy with the price and the way they were able to work so efficiently. Blew my expectations out of the water.
William Clark05/11/2015
     I definitely rate CarpetCleanersHampstead as a top class cleaning company. Their cleaners are knowledgeable, polite and extremely hard working. I couldn't have asked for a better service.
     Hampstead Carpet Cleaners were amazing from the first call to the actual service. The staff worked hard all day cleaning my rental property. Plus the prices were very affordable too. As a landlord I have tenants come and go and always need a reputable cleaning service to sort the mess at the end of the rental period. These guys were brilliant and did a wonderful job and left the place looking immaculate. I will be certainly using them more often now.
Matt Lambert24/11/2014
     I was fed up with my home looking untidy. As I worked full time I never had enough energy to do the housework. I wasn't well off and money was tight, but a friend had said she had received a great deal in a home cleaning service from Hampstead Carpet Cleaners. So I thought I would splash out and have my house professionally cleaned just the once. I contacted them and discussed my needs, the office told me a price which I thought was O.K, and so I booked a date. The work I had done was simply splendid. My home had never looked so clean and tidy. It smelt so fresh.
Eve Maple24/07/2014
     There are some poor cleaning agencies in London but Hampstead Carpet Cleaners definitely isn't one of them. Credit where it's due, the cleaners I've been using have been better than any other I've worked with in the past. They don't mess about or waste time and whenever they've spent an hour or two in our home, the difference is there to be seen. My place is much tidier, fresher and free from any build up of dust or dirt thanks to the thorough cleaning methods used and I would most certainly recommend this company to others. They are quite cheap as well!
Anika E.30/06/2014
     In hopes of conquering the mess in my house, I knew I couldn't do it alone, so I called Hampstead Carpet Cleaners. I had heard good things about them from a friend so I was eager to see what they could do for me. I called up and I found myself hiring a few people to assist me. They arrived the next day and we all got to work to tackle my mess. I soon realised I wasn't needed as they worked thoroughly and swiftly. My house was soon spotless, without a speck of dust or dirt to be found. I was happy with their service and would recommend them highly.
Cathy Flanagan20/06/2014
     Throughout all the time I've owned and rented homes, I don't think any of them have ever been this clean. Since picking up on the benefits of a cleaning agency, I've gone through a few. Each one of them has had one little thing which wasn't quite right so I've had no hesitancy to get rid of them. That was until I found Hampstead Carpet Cleaners. They've made such a difference to my house and home that I've got no reason to worry about my cleaning ever again. I'd recommend their services for any kind of cleaning that you need done.
Nicholas H.04/06/2014
     Knowing full well that I was going to be too busy with my new job, I decided to hire Hampstead Carpet Cleaners to clean my flat a couple of times as a trial for working together in the future. They passed with flying colors, and I we very impressed by the incredible level of dedication that they gave to the job, ensuring that my place looked and smelt amazing, without overpowering it with fragrance, or over-tidying the place! I hope that others who read this will be inspired to try them out like I did, as they are really very good indeed.
Alan R.14/05/2014
     I am very pleased with the house cleaners that I hired from Hampstead Carpet Cleaners. I wanted reliable cleaners who I could trust to be alone in my house, and with this company that's only part of what I got! My cleaners are really good at their jobs and it's obvious that they care about the quality of their work. Everything is always left looking spotless, and my cleaners really listen to my feedback and instructions to provide a more excellent and thorough clean every single time we meet. I'm more than satisfied with this company and the ways in which they've helped me and my family!
Ben F.17/04/2014
     As a single, hardworking businessman, I don't get the chance to “deep clean” my house - I do not have the time or the determination for it. There is nothing more I hate than cleaning. I was sceptical about asking strangers to come and clean my house. However, this was before I was referred to Hampstead Carpet Cleaners. I'm so glad that I followed my gut and called them. Now, for a very small fee I can have a clean house without physically having to get my hands dirty - I now have more time for the footy and no need to get my hands dirty.
Pete Lowe27/03/2014
     I never know what cleaning supplies to use to clean my sofa and upholstery. In the past I have ruined my furniture by using the wrong cleaning product. I was determined this time to hire a professional company who knew exactly what cleaning agents to use. The cleaning team at Hampstead Carpet Cleaners provided this much needed service for me at a low price. They were friendly and knowledgeable about specialized cleaning equipment and supplies. My furniture and upholstery is now looking clean and fresh. They truly cleaned deep into the fibres of the fabric. They are a great service and I would definitely recommend them.
Jo M.18/02/2014
     Working in the fields as I do I tend to bring quite a lot of mud and general muck into the house with my once I am finished, much to the annoyance of my wife. Having watched the carpet in the hallways deteriorate for quite some time I decided to do something about it and called Hampstead Carpet Cleaners to get a quote for a professional clean. The cost was quite reasonable, so I booked them and was absolutely blown away by the result. I had completely forgotten that our carpet was that colour, and the wife was delighted. I now make more effort to keep the mud out!
Mr. Jones30/01/2014
     How did I cope with my house cleaning before Hampstead Carpet Cleaners? I hate to think of how many hours of my life I've wasted on cleaning up around my home when I could have been doing something much more productive! This cleaning company has given me endless free hours by making sure my home always looks clean and tidy and I couldn't be more grateful to them! All of the cleaners are really professional and friendly and I know I'm in safe hands. The prices are really reasonable too - I just can't rave about these cleaners enough! Thanks so much!
     This cleaning company has made my life so much easier, I can't even begin to explain how brilliantly clean my house always looks! I can't believe how much time I've wasted cleaning my house over the years when I could have just called Hampstead Carpet Cleaners to get the jobs done professionally and quickly! This is a service that I can't recommend to enough people. I really think that if you struggle with your cleaning chores then this company is just what you need. I didn't think my budget would stretch to a regular cleaner but I was pleasantly surprised. This is a service that I'll never go without again - thanks!
Annette Cole18/12/2013
     It is a thankless task, office cleaning, I have to admit. We as customers only tend to notice when it isn't done well enough, rather than when it is done superbly. What I would say about Hampstead Carpet Cleaners is that they do such a good job of maintaining our office that it is difficult not to notice! As a small company ourselves they show us a superb level of customer service, and respond to our every request with care and enthusiasm. I would recommend their service thoroughly; they make our office a better place to be in through sheer hard work.
Reg Wheatley05/12/2013

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